Criminal Justice

Some of the most egregious injustices in the United States of America occur in our Criminal Justice System. These glaring shortcomings reveal our continuing struggle to perfect equality under the law. Fairness is a sturdy American value that we strive for.

Yet, historically, our Criminal Justice System has been far from color blind, or impartial to wealth and status. It is a hard truth that people of color and people with meager means often do not get a fair shake or equal treatment when they encounter the Criminal Justice System.

Let’s face it, our legal system favors the majority white culture, and individuals who can afford the best legal representation. The Criminal Justice System in America is unquestionably rigged against poor people, minorities, and individuals suffering with mental illness. It is a crime against humanity when equality under the law is subverted due to racism, bigotry, or lack of institutional compassion.

This is why Black Lives Do Matter! Right-wing extremists attempt to marginalize The Black Lives Matter movement by propagandizing that such a movement is a superficial, radical, grievance-seeking, politically correct flash in the pan. So, they put forward a competing slogan — “Blue Lives Matter” — insinuating that we who believe in minority rights, do not support law enforcement. Of course, Blue Lives Matter – so do Red Lives, Brown Lives, and Purple Lives! ALL LIVES MATTER — But, this in no way diminishes the ugly reality of our painful history with extreme racism, that continues to discriminate against African Americans and other minorities in our Criminal Justice System.

It is difficult to move FORWARD when institutional racism proves so difficult to root out. Yet, we must fight the good fight against such injustice.

Criminal Justice

  • Equality Under The Law
  • Sentencing Reform
  • Abolish Private Prisons
  • More Rehabilitation – Less Incarceration
  • Abolish The Death Penalty
  • Beware of Militarization of Police
  • Community Policing and Accountability
  • Decriminalize Many Drugs
  • Citizen Review Boards
  • Support Good Cops – Weed out Bad Actors
  • Reinstate Voting Rights to Individuals Who Served Their Time