Why Run?




I am seeking the office of U.S. Senator from the great state of Arizona for three reasons:

First, to offer the citizens of Arizona the opportunity to elect a U.S. Senator that is 100% POWERED BY THE PEOPLE.



Yes, my candidacy offers the citizens of Arizona the opportunity to elect a U.S. Senator that is 100% POWERED BY THE PEOPLE. We need to rid Congress of members who are beholden to corporate special interests. It’s high time we push the corporatists out of Congress. WE can do this! It is simply a matter of citizens coming together, declaring Enough IS Enough, and supporting candidates that pledge NOT to take one dime from corporate PACs or wealthy donors who lobby for corporate interests. Arizona’s junior Senator, Mr. Jeff Flake, is faced with ethical dilemmas constantly because he accepts contributions from corporate PACs. This — what I call a “congressional money-laundering scheme” — is a plague on representative democracy. Our Moss for U.S. Senate Campaign aims to lead the way by proclaiming loud and clear, “NOT ONE DIME shall we accept from corporate PACs or wealthy donors who lobby for corporate interests.” So, Arizonans – my candidacy gives you the opportunity to elect a U.S. Senator that is 100% POWERED BY THE PEOPLE. Let’s do it!

Secondly, you also have the chance to elect a U.S. senator that will FIGHT every single day for JUSTICE — justice that will PROTECT our people and our planet. I believe that the majority of Arizonans are eager to support a BOLD, PROGRESSIVE AGENDA. These bold priorities are built upon a firm foundation of justice — FIVE STAR JUSTICE. We have chosen the brilliant, copper-colored star that is prominent on our Arizona flag to symbolize the five arms or branches of justice — ECONOMIC JUSTICE, SOCIAL JUSTICE, ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE, CRIMINAL JUSTICE, and ELECTORAL JUSTICE. Each arm of justice highlights a set of specific issues that are of vital concern to all of us. Issues such as: an economy that works for middle-income families; affordable health care for ALL citizens; rejoining the community of nations to deal with climate change; common sense gun safety; expanding civil rights, voting rights and women’s rights; robust regulation of Wall Street; abolishing ALL private prisons; humane immigration policy; strong financial support for kindergarten-college PUBLIC education; upholding/strict adherence to separation of church and state; etc. Yes, Five-Star Justice encompasses many important issues and is the foundation for building a prosperous Arizona and a better world. My PLEDGE to Arizonans is this: to listen respectfully and be responsive to the concerns, the interests, and the values of ALL Arizonans, and to be willing to fight tenaciously to help protect our people and our planet.

My third reason for seeking this office is to be Arizona’s proud voice in the U.S. Senate, a voice that stands for ‘good government’ and always puts COUNTRY OVER PARTY. As every objective student of American history understands, our nation is in crisis. The 2016 Election and its aftermath has taken us into a bizarre and dangerous political wilderness. It is imperative that in 2018, we fight to restore a sense of ‘good government’ – that we deal effectively with conflicts of interest, incompetence, lack of integrity, disloyalty to our nation, disrespect to American traditions, attacks on free speech, abuse of power, obstruction of justice, intimidation of the media, and the utter abdication of American’s leadership and moral authority in world affairs. Congress must exercise ROBUST ‘checks and balances’ over the Executive Branch. The question is — Mr. Flake, where have you been? Senator, you have gone AWOL in standing strong as a proud ‘good government’ Arizonan, while your party and president have made a mockery of our traditions and our Constitution. Mr. Flake, your tepid expressions of being “troubled” by outrageous and deceitful executive presidential actions ring hollow. You have chosen NOT to lead. You have chosen to ride the partisan train to the last whistle stop. Like your partisan colleagues, you have willingly put party OVER country time after time.

Arizona’s two U.S. Senators (McCain and Flake) are both ‘Goldwater Republicans’ whose political philosophy do not reflect the values, concerns, and aspirations of the majority of citizens in Arizona. This pair of U.S. Senators, who supposedly represent a diverse Arizona citizenry, are two peas in the same partisan pod. ONE IS ENOUGH! Jeff Flake has been in U.S. Congress for 20 years — it is past time for him to move along. Mr. Flake will need our help to push him directly into RETIREMENT in 2018. Let’s do it!

Here’s the truth of the matter. Our campaign will absolutely NOT accept ONE DIME from corporate special interest PACs! So, to compete and win, and be 100% AZ POWERED BY THE PEOPLE, each and every citizen who believes in what we stand for must step up to support this mission! Yes, we can win this contest for U.S. Senate! We can finance this campaign “The Bernie Way” — $27 bucks at a time! Jeff Flake will raise $10-15 million, mostly from corporate donors, to try to hold on to his seat in the U.S. Senate. Granted, they have the BIG BUCKS DONORS — the corporate cash cows — but we have PEOPLE POWER!

OUR JOB is to inspire and ignite an army of citizens to believe — YES, WE CAN! Imagine, if just half of Arizonans who are registered to vote contributed $25 to our CAUSE — we can compete and defeat Mr. Flake! It is unfortunate that so much money is required to run for statewide office. Most politicians spend half (or more) of their time aski­ng (begging) big donors with deep pockets for big donations. How demeaning! If that is the only way to get to the U.S. Senate, then count me out. This campaign will be financed the right way, the ethical way, the (small ‘d’) democratic way. I’m asking each and every one of you to do a little early voting exercise by joining our campaign and by contributing an amount that fits your budget. You can do so by visiting our donation page here. We appreciate your support very much. If you see fit to help boost our campaign launch, your contribution will encourage others to do the same. That is the winning ticket to victory on Nov. 6, 2018!

Thank you!

Jim Moss

PS – Reminder: You can sign my Nominating Petition online through the Secretary of State’s Office. It’s as EASY as 1, 2, 3! Please urge friends to do the same.

Thanks again!

Link to Sign Nominating Petition:  apps.azsos.gov/equal/